Solid Waste Management Department


(217) 287-2334

Director: Shawn Hammers

Solid Waste Complaint Form

Mailing Address:
214 W. Market St.
Taylorville, IL 62568



Christian County Solid Waste is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Illinois Environmental Protection Act at the local landfill and at open dumping/burning sites.
  • Responding to complaints regarding open dumping/burning.
  • Funding the electronics recycling program for Christian County residents through BLH Computers.

Beginning January 1, 2012, landfills are prohibited from knowingly accepting any CEDs for disposal. This includes televisions, computers, printers, and computer monitors (both residential and non-residential).  The burning or incineration of televisions, computers, printers and computer monitors would also be prohibited.

  • Coordinating and funding the collection and hauling of recyclable materials for the schools and county offices within Christian County.

Schools Serviced:                                                   County Buildings Serviced:

Central A&M Middle School  County Solid Waste Department 
Edinburg Schools  County Probation Office 
Morrisonville Schools County Health Department 
Pana Schools  County Highway Department 
South Fork School District County Court House 
St Mary’s Sheriff’s Department
Taylorville Central School   
Taylorville High School   
Taylorville Junior High   
Taylorville Memorial School  
Taylorville North School  
Vision Way  

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

  • The Christian County Solid Waste Department sponsors household hazardous waste collections when state-funded programs are available.
  • The IEPA has currently suspended household hazardous waste collections at this time due to a fire at their Ohio disposal facility. Residents are encouraged to continue to safely store household hazardous waste until a future event date can be set for collection of these items.



  • The communities of Pana and Stonington provide, at their community‚Äôs expense, recycling services for their residents.  Residents in other communities within the County are able to subscribe to curbside recycling through Cleeton Sanitation.
  • Recycling opportunities for metal include: Joe Coleman Salvage and Demolition, Kertow Auto Salvage, Midstate Material Handling Incorporated, Mullins Salvage, and Welburn Salvage.

Latex Paint Disposal:

How To Store and Dispose of Paint

Open Dumping/Open Burning Ordinance

Environmental Protection Standards and Enforcement

*The Solid Waste Department has Enforcement Authority through the IEPA to carry out Violation Protocol of the Environmental protection Act which can include fines up to $3000*


Together we can keep Christian County a wonderful place to live!