Christian County Solid Waste Management Department


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Mailing Address:
214 W. Market St.
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Christian County Solid Waste is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Illinois Environmental Protection Act at the local landfill and at open dumping/burning sites.
  • Responding to complaints regarding open dumping/burning.
  • Funding the electronics recycling program for Christian County residents through BLH Computers.
  • Coordinating and funding the collection and hauling of recyclable materials for the schools and county offices within Christian County.

The CCSWMD enforces the applicable Environmental Protection Act statutes, Illinois Pollution Control Board regulations, and landfill permit conditions set by the Illinois EPA.  

How Does a Landfill Work?

For the active landfill, these regulations and permit conditions govern hours of operation, types of material accepted, daily operations, cover materials, litter control, leachate collection, gas management and protection of groundwater quality. The landfill is inspected at least twice a month and focus is on:

  • Methods of operation
  • Number of personnel and type of equipment to process solid waste timely
  • Evaluation of daily, intermediate and final cover
  • Litter control
  • Odor control
  • Load checks for unpermitted wastes
  • Salvage and/or scavenging activities
  • Leachate (liquid contaminated by waste) management
  • Gas Management/Energy Generation
  • Groundwater monitoring and remediation

Illegal Dump Site Investigations

State statutes and regulations also apply to wastes that are illegally disposed of on public or private property.  Illegal dump site investigations are usually initiated within a day or two after being reported.

Copies of all inspection and investigation reports are sent to the Illinois EPA.  If violations are found and they are not satisfactorily addressed through voluntary compliance, enforcement actions are pursued through the Christian County States Attorney’s Office and/or the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

Where do I get rid of _____? 

Resource Guide – Recycling and Disposal

Latex Paint Disposal: How To Store and Dispose of Paint

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Sept 30th @ The Illinois State Fairgrounds Info: City of Springfield – Home of Abraham Lincoln

Tire Take-Back event – Sept 30th Christian County Fairgrounds 8am – 12pm Call 217-287-2334 to sign-up. Passenger tires only – Limit 10 Per person. 


  • The communities of Pana and Stonington provide, at their community’s expense, recycling services for their residents.  Residents in other communities within the County are able to subscribe to curbside recycling through Cleeton Sanitation.
  • If you already have trash service through Cleeton’s. Adding a recycling bin will cost $15.00 Per Month. 
  • Recycling opportunities for metal include: Joe Coleman Salvage and Demolition, Kertow Auto Salvage, Midstate Material Handling Incorporated, Mullins Salvage, and Welburn Salvage.

Items Banned from Landfills

The State of Illinois has banned the following items from Illinois landfills:

  • Appliances/white goods
  • Electronics 
  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Motor oil
  • Oil-based paints
  • Tires
  • Yard waste
  • Mercury-containing products
  • Untreated potentially infectious medical waste. 

Open Burning

Open burning Explained: IL Laws and Permit Procedure

Christian County Ordinance

Open Dumping/Open Burning Ordinance
Together we can keep Christian County a wonderful place to live!