How to register:
Two forms of identification showing your name are required when registering to vote. At least one of those must also indicate your permanent residence address and mailing address. Some examples of acceptable proofs of identification are: Valid Illinois Driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, recently processed mail addressed to you by name at your current residence (one current piece and one from at least 30 days prior establishing your address), bank statements, utility bills, rent or lease agreements showing your address and name and medical or health insurance bills or statements. If you cannot provide any of these, contact the County Clerk’s Office for assistance by phone 217-824-4969 or by e-mail at You can register by appearing in person at the County Clerk’s Office or by making application through a deputy registrar. Call the County Clerk’s Office for a listing of the deputy registrars located within Christian County. You may be registered by any deputy registrar within the State of Illinois but your application for registration must be submitted to the Election Authority for your primary residence.

Qualified applicants may register online

(Prior to close of regular registration)

Online Voter Registration APPLICATION


You may also register to vote by mail.

You can print the mail in application:


Voter registration closes 28 days prior to an election and reopens 2 days after the election. The County Clerk’s Office is located on the second floor of the Courthouse in Taylorville and is open Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for holidays.


Who can register to vote?

Every United States citizen 18 years of age and older who has resided in the election district 30 days prior to an election is entitled to register and vote in that district **. Persons must be registered in order to vote and may register in the Office of the County Clerk, at a Driver’s License Facility, with a Precinct Committeeman or with any Deputy Registrar. Applications for registration that you can complete and mail to the Election Authority is available on this website—but remember you may need to vote in person your first time. Any change of address within the County must be reported to the election authority so that your voter code can be corrected to reflect your new address. If you change your name or move from the County you must submit a new registration with the proper election authority. Registration is CLOSED 28 days prior to, and two days following, all elections—however you may qualify to Grace Register and Vote even on Election Day. Please see the Grace Period section of this website for more information regarding that process. We strongly encourage anyone with concerns regarding their registration to contact the office to verify all of your information is current and to get instructions on how best to update what is not.

Call the County Clerk’s office at 217-824-4969 with any questions concerning voter registration or elections in Christian County. The County Clerk’s Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse, 101 S. Main St. in Taylorville and is an accessible facility.

The Illinois State Board of Elections has some useful information for voters on its website as well.