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Assumed Business Name Registry – DBA (Doing Business As)


Any person(s) doing business in this State under an Assumed Name must register in the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the business is based. The legal reference to this can be found in the Illinois Assumed Business Name Act (805 ILCS 405/)

Click on and complete the enclosed Assumed Name Certificate Intention. Please type or print neatly.

Signature(s) on the Assumed Name Certificate of Intention must be notarized. Please make every effort to have the signatures notarized before you bring the completed form to the County Clerk’s Office. The notaries in our office are not always available.
File the completed Assumed Name Certificate of Intention in the County Clerk’s Office. The State mandated fee for filing the Intention is $30.00. Once you have filed the Intention, you will need to take the Assumed Name Publication Notice and the blank Publishers Certificate (Certificate of Publication) to the newspaper of your choice for your legal ad.
The information on the Intention must be published in the legal section of a newspaper published within the same county. This ad must run at least once a week for three consecutive weeks. NOTE: Illinois Statutes requires the first ad to be published within 15 days of the filing of the Intention in the County Clerk’s Office.
At the end of the three consecutive week publication period, the newspaper will furnish you with a completed Publishers Certificate. This is the blank one you provided when you placed the ad and is also known as a Certificate of Publication. Illinois Statutes require that this Certificate of Publication be returned and filed with the County Clerk within 50 days from the filing of the Assumed Name Certificate of Intention. Failure to return this proof of publication in a timely manner will result in the voiding of the certificate of registration.
Once the completed Publishers Certificate (Certificate of Publication) has been returned to the County Clerk’s Office (within the 50 day period), your registration process is complete. The County Clerk’s Office will issue a Certificate of Ownership to you. This certificate can be picked up personally or mailed to you. If you believe you completed all the necessary paperwork and have not received your Certificate of Ownership, contact the County Clerk’s Office at once.
Should you need to make any changes to the information as originally filed or if you cease to do business, Illinois Statutes require that you file a Supplemental Certificate. The forms needed will be determined by the types of changes you are making. The County Clerk’s fee for filing Supplemental Certificates is $10.00. In some instances you may be required to publish this one time and file proof of publication with the County Clerk.