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County Office & School Recycling

Funding for this program is provided through our office. 

Curbside Recycling

Private hauler Cleeton Sanitation provides curbside recycling services in Christian County. 

Electronic Recycling

Christian County Solid Waste is contracted with BLH Computers located at 123 West Main Cross on the Taylorville Square for County-Wide Electronics Recycling Services. Covered Electronics can be delivered at no cost. Number of video display devices dropped off per household is limited to three per calendar year. Entities looking to drop off more than 3 televisions or 12 total items can be determined to be a business and will need to pay for transport of said devices to the BLH Springfield location or personally deliver said items to that location for recycling.

Illinois Recycling Legislation 

Senate Bill 2960  – Small single use plastic bottle Act.

Teach me about Plastics – Coming Soon 

Plastic Types

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